Aurélio Ferreira and his father Mr. Antônio Ferreira founded on March 1st, 1948,
Itaim Typography, which later came to be called Mācron.

Today Mācron is regarded as a benchmark in the packaging industry for its reliability
and know-how, acting with excellence in sectors such as pharmaceuticals,
cosmetics and food.

Constant investments in innovation and technology guarantee modernity
and efficiency in its graphic park, which ensures that produced packages meet
cutomer’s requirements and specifications.

Time Line

  • 1948

    Tipografia Itaim is founded.

  • 1962

    Mācron is transferred to a new and larger headquarter.

  • 70's

    Mācron becomes leader in the sector of pastas. In addition, it enters the market of toys and auto parts,

  • 1983

    Family’s third generation took over business and implemented a more modern and up-to-date vision.

  • 90's

    Quality Assurance System is implemented.

  • 2000's

    Mācron receives its first ISO 9002 Certificate.

  • 2004

    New headquarter opening.

  • 2005

    Mācron receives the most important award granted by the pharmaceutical industry - FCE Farma.

  • 2007

    Mācron receives the GRAPHPRINT award and is recognized as the best supplier of packaging for the pharmaceutical industry.

  • 2009

    The fourth generation of Ferreira’s family entered the business. Partnership with the main business school in Brazil, Fundação Dom Cabral.

  • 2011

    Purchase of printing equipment for braille tape. International partnership with Gradient System Integration. Mācron becomes the official representative of Pixel Proof in South America.

  • 2012

    New Heidelberg production lines for printing and Bobst for packaging closures. Mācron receives the Sindusfarma Award.

  • 2014

    Expansion and updating of the Graphic Park with equipment of better performance in printing and finishing.

  • 2012 - 2016

    Mācron participates in Drupa, one of the most important international graphic fairs. In addition ISO 9001 and 14001 certification evolve to 2015 version.

  • 2017

    Augmented reality became part of Mācron’s portfolio.


Offer intelligent packaging


Be the best company in packaging solutions
and lead markets in which we act.



Pharmaceutical Industry

Macron is a reference in the production of packaging for the pharmaceutical industry,
including those made to pack bottles, tubes, glasses, cartons, blisters, ampoules,
flaconetes, package inserts, syringes, among others.

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Cosmetics Industry

Cosmetics industry packaging is customized in order to pack
dermocosmetics, tube creams, glass containers, promotional kits, among others.

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Food Industry

Food industry packaging is ideal to pack chocolates,
cookies, buttered biscuits and fine sweets,
in addition to exposing and highlighting products at the point of sale.

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Other Industries

Mācron produces the ideal packaging for your business,
regardless of your specifications.

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Awards and Certificates


  • Fernando Pini

  • Febrafarma

    2005 2007 2008
  • Graphprint

  • Sindusfarma

    2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
  • Embanews

    2014 2015 2016 2017
  • Grandes Cases



MĀCRON guarantees the quality of its packaging
represented through its certifications.

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Socio-Environmental Responsibility

In addition to respecting the rights of employees, Mācron is in favor of environmental and social measures. Responsible management is based on the basic principles of protecting the environment, preserving natural resources and disseminating concepts of Environmental Management applied to the internal and external public.

Selective collection, waste management, reuse of garbage and lectures on the importance of protecting nature for the community, customers and suppliers are consistent practices within company’s environment. Additionaly, Mācron uses FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified paper and non-toxic paints with heavy metal contents below the stipulated limits.

In regards to internal audience, constant investments are made in stimulating personal and professional development of employees through training, capability and qualification. Furthermore, there is a constant concern for the improvement of working conditions offered to all positions within the company.

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Mācron has a broad organizational structure, including modern machinery and high-tech equipments. In prepress, the company has the Computer to Plate (CTP) system, which allows direct plate engraving and full integration of files with printing.

About color management, it has a system designed for the carton packaging market, ensuring greater color fidelity in printed packages.

Off-Set printing equipment is fully technically suited to fast set-ups, meeting the needs and requirements determined for products that require a high level of quality.

All the production carried out in the graphic park can be compared to first world countries, including the system of automatic detaching machine, unique in Latin America, able to guarantee a very high productivity gain and life quality to employees.

In the cutting and creasing department, flat machines guarantee more efficiency and quality in the production process and in the gluing sector, state of the art equipment guarantees production of more than 450m/minute.

Each Mācron process is planned based on a management system focused on customer standards and specifications, following GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) requirements and with full traceability of documents and records from any stage of production planning.

Accurate standards compromise, documented as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, is due to the training offered to employees and the management of documents and procedures within the company. Customer Satisfaction surveys are consistently done to measure Mācron’s performance in pursuit of excellence.

In addition, the company’s proximity to customers makes it possible to identify improvements that can optimize the process and result in a final product of unquestionable quality.

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Pixel/Text Proof

What is it?


Pixel Proof is an inspection system that analyzes various types of printed materials such as package inserts, labels and cartridges.

What does the system evaluate?

  • Images (layout)
  • Texts
  • Codes (bars, laetus, data matrix)
  • Braile (text, sensibility)
  • PDF used as reference in print + physical digitized material
  • Comparison between physical and digitized
  • Evaluation of deviations
  • Issuance of the analysis report

Text Proof is an inspection system that compares unedited text documents (Word) with the final document approved and diagrammed (PDF).


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